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Train is the best mode of transportation to get you to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. You will have timed access and be greeted by a guide who will disclose the wonders that you will experience along your tour of the original sets, props, and costumes from all eight of the Harry Potter films.Before entering the famous Great Hall set, where your guided tour will start, you will first see a brief video in the theater. While watching the films come to life in front of your very eyes, you will be privy to production secrets and other exclusive knowledge.Walk along the famed cobbled street of Diagon AlleyTM, which has the shop fronts of chordfylan Flourish and BlottsTM, Weasleys’ Wizard WheezesTM, Gringotts BankTM, and Eeylops Owl EmporiumTM. Explore the original locomotive that transported passengers on the Hogwarts ExpressTM as well as a replica of Platform 9 3/4TM. Climb up into the train’s carriage and strike a pose with a luggage trolley as it passes through the platform wall.Enjoy additional notable sets from the Harry Potter film series such as the GryffindorTM common room, the boys’ chordfylan Hagrid’sTM Hut, the Potions classroom, and Professor Umbridge’sTM office at the Ministry of Magic – all while being enthralled by the secrets and insights shared by your guide.After the conclusion of your guided tour, you will have the opportunity to re-enter the building and wander about the studio at your own pace, shop around in the boutique, or sit down for a cup of coffee in the adjoining cafe. You have the option of taking the train back to London at any time that is convenient for you.Your meeting place with the tour guide will be at the Euston War Memorial, which is located outside of Euston station. Look for a stone obelisk on the roadway in Euston, close to the bus stations and taxi rank, that features four statues of soldiers at its base. You may find this obelisk near the Euston Square gardens. At the location of the gathering, a member of the staff of the activity provider will be seen holding up a chordfylan sign provided by the city.

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